Pierre Laurens

Record - Mix - Live Mix

I’m Pierre Laurens, 31 years old living near Paris in France. I’m specialized in recording, mixing and live mixing hardcore and metal music.

Check my portfolio and feel free to contact me if you want to reach the same sound as labeled bands.

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I'm totaly nomad. I carry my complete mobile recording gear to record everywhere you want. It can be in your rehearsal space or in rented studio. I also can record you (but not your drums) in my home studio.


You want to sound like labeled bands ? I can take your raw tracks you've recorded at any studio and apply the magic that will turn them into punchy and pristine mixes.


I provide stems to use them live bringing your stage performance as close as your records. I accompany you on the road to promote your records on stage. I do your wedges/ears mix and the FOH mix.



I'm Pierre Laurens, 31 years old guy living near Paris and I'm a hardcore music enthousiast.
My journey in the hardcore scene has begun by playing guitar and recording for a metalcore band. Then I've felt in love for music production.
I've worked for almost a decade as sound engineer specialized in live and broadcast sound mixing.
I've could record, mix and live mix for a lot of different bands during these past 10 years.
If you'd like we work together, feel free to request a quote submitting me your project filling the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a bunch of clients frequently questions about my services

What is my rate ?

That's a legit question, but unfortunatly I don't have a fix rate. It all depends your project and your needs. Fill the form below in the contact section to request a quote. I will send you back a detailled quote with my rates and taxes.

What is my gear ?

I record and mix in the box. I use Pro Tools with a nomad gear (focusrite Scarlett 18i20 - MacBook Pro - and a bunch of mics) so I can record and mix everywhere. I also have a home-studio based on a MacPro. But my most important gear is my ears !

Can I mix your RAW tracks recorded on your own or in another studio ?

Of course ! It all depends on your RAW tracks quality. Request a free quote using the form below in the contact section. You simply have to send me your RAW tracks and I'll send you back a quote with a sample of what I can do with your materials.

You want to tour and you'd like to find a touring sound guy ?

I can mix your live performance (both FOH and monitors) no matter the mixer and PA system. Just focus on your performance and let me enhance it to your audiance.